Licensing & Branding Consulting

Anker LBC specializes in advising Danish and international companies in areas of Licensing and Brand Management. The consulting focuses on all areas of licensing, in order for a licensee or a licensor, to be prepared for all conditions in this business model. As result the licensing model becomes a profitable partnership for both parties.

In a number of companies, there are currently a large untapped potential for licensing. This could be companies possessing strong brands (IP's), but without using these outside of heir core product categories. Furthermore some companies do not explore the possibilities for increased sales and profit on export markets, through a licensing model. Similarly, there are today many companies with strong competencies in production and distribution, which lacks a strong brand to attach to its products. Also here the licensing model is an option that is too rarely used.


Brand Strategy & Brand Values


Development of brand strategies, focusing on the elements of the brand values that needs to be taken in to consideration in a licensing model.


Brand Manuals


Use brand manuals to clearly document and communicate the brand guidelines that a licensee needs to follow.




Utilize the synergistic opportunities that a partnership with another strong brand can create.



Quickly expand your business model through a larger number of partnerships, with a limited cash-flow risk.

Licensing Contract


Support in development of contracts where all legal and commercial aspects are optimized.

Royalty Evaluation


Validation of royalty rates, advances and guarantees.

Code of Conduct & International Labor Standards


Reassure that all 3rd. party production lives up to you own CSR policy.


If you want to know more about how we can support your business growth, we will be happy to set up an initial and non-engaging meeting with you, at your convenience.

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